Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daniel’s 10 New Year s Resolutions and some Predictions

1.       I will try to be positive, not saying anything negative about anyone,  will find the nicest things to say all the time, and have  and have a smile on my face…………… until about  mid March when my family and friends thinks my behavior is not natural and encourage be to be “realistic”. Then I will go back to being realistic.
2.       I make and keep my plan to pay down all my short term consumer debt, until that thing that I needed that I wasn’t planning to buy, or wanted to buy is needed to be purchased.
3.       I will try to update Facebook with relevant and meaningful posts, until I forget and update my Farmville status.
4.       I will work diligently to make my lived environment a better place, by recycling, reusing, and conserving.   Should I keep burning wood in my woods stove to save gas?  Should I turn the lights out and go to bed early and get up early?  I don’t think so.
5.       I will try to be in better shape and loose weight , through November 2010, until Fumiko follows all the 1940’s cookbooks and uses lard in everything  and it starts to rain and I stop biking, and become a computer  chair potato.
6.       My Farmville becomes supper mighty awful big plantation, before I realize that the time I spent should have been growing imaginary food, but real food.
7.       I will post on real estate blogs   and will meet some really interesting people who will want to buy and sell real estate.
8.       After becoming LEED AP, in OM, I actually use it as a member on a team to certify buildings.
9.       My construction project this year will be limited to completing the projects I have started or have promised to do.
10.   Travel this year will be from Pullman to Hiroshima with Coupeville on the side.

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