Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daniel’s 10 New Year s Resolutions and some Predictions

1.       I will try to be positive, not saying anything negative about anyone,  will find the nicest things to say all the time, and have  and have a smile on my face…………… until about  mid March when my family and friends thinks my behavior is not natural and encourage be to be “realistic”. Then I will go back to being realistic.
2.       I make and keep my plan to pay down all my short term consumer debt, until that thing that I needed that I wasn’t planning to buy, or wanted to buy is needed to be purchased.
3.       I will try to update Facebook with relevant and meaningful posts, until I forget and update my Farmville status.
4.       I will work diligently to make my lived environment a better place, by recycling, reusing, and conserving.   Should I keep burning wood in my woods stove to save gas?  Should I turn the lights out and go to bed early and get up early?  I don’t think so.
5.       I will try to be in better shape and loose weight , through November 2010, until Fumiko follows all the 1940’s cookbooks and uses lard in everything  and it starts to rain and I stop biking, and become a computer  chair potato.
6.       My Farmville becomes supper mighty awful big plantation, before I realize that the time I spent should have been growing imaginary food, but real food.
7.       I will post on real estate blogs   and will meet some really interesting people who will want to buy and sell real estate.
8.       After becoming LEED AP, in OM, I actually use it as a member on a team to certify buildings.
9.       My construction project this year will be limited to completing the projects I have started or have promised to do.
10.   Travel this year will be from Pullman to Hiroshima with Coupeville on the side.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Columbia City Station

Columbia City Station
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Monday, December 21, 2009

How to find a a great piece of real estate

Here are eight basic questions that you should ask your self.

1. What kind of real estate do you want to buy?
Commercial or residential?
Fee simple or condo?
House or town house?
Small or large?
Investment or enjoyment?

2. Who is buying the real estate?
Is this for yourself?
Do you need to include someone else in the decision making?

3. What purpose are you buying a property?
To start a life or fulfill a goal?
For long term or short term?

4. Where do you want to buy?
Where is your job?
Where are your friends?
Where are your activities?

5 When do you want to buy?
Are you trying to sell your house?
Are you in a lease in an apartment?
Can you stand you roommate one more month?

6 What is your price range?
How much can you afford or how much do you want to spend?
Do have a financial plan or have you talked to a banker?
What kind of financing: Conventional financing with down payment

7 How will you search for a property?
On the internet or word of mouth?

8 Who will help you buy your property?
A friend at work or a professional?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How green is my wood stove.

I am not sure how "green" my wood stove is? The wood stove insert in the basement is kicking out a bundle of warmth right now, but when it is not burning, it is a conduit for cold air from outside. It is an older stove and the flue is not tight fitting, and the fire box is small, so can't leave a big log burning. I have to burn small scraps of wood. Last summer I collected l that would have been thrown away from various construction projects, so the fuel is somewhat green. Probably the best practice would be to insulate the basement walls. The problem is that it is hard to be motivated in July to insulate

Market Update

This summary includes Rainier Beach, Upper Rainer Beach, Dunlap, Pritchard Beach and Kubota Gardens, with a north boundary from Kenyon, south boundary of Bangor, east boundary 62nd Ave South, and West Boundary of Martin Luther King Way, using the information available on the NWMLS.

Residential listings
Number of Listings 38
Low $ 124.900
Median $ 331,975
High $1,900,000

Multi-family Listings
Number of listings: 6

Low $ 350,000
Median $ 539,900
High price $1,249,000

Vacant or Development Listings
Number of Listings 12
Low price $ 99,000
Median $ 160,000
High price $1,999,950

Condo listings
Number of Listings: 19
Low $ 45,000
Median $143,950
High $310,900

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mayor Elect McGuinn is holding a town hall in Rainier Beach

Mayor Elect McGinn is holding a town hall in Rainier Beach High School this evening.  I will be attending to  ask questions about how economic development can be brought to the valley.

Just added a market conditions report as a gadget

You may want check out the attached market conditions report.